Jeopardy! ends in sudden death tiebreaker


For someone who records and watches every Jeopardy! episode, it was something I've never seen before - a sudden-death tiebreaker.

The rule was apparently adopted in 2014 to avoid ties in regular game play. However, tiebreakers have always existed in tournament play.

Either way, what happened at the end of Thursday night's episode is something to behold.


Here's what went down: After a tough Final Jeopardy! question, which every contestant got wrong, returning champ Laura McLean and challenger Sarah Norris found themselves with matching totals.

Trebek wasted no time, giving the category, "Way Back in 2017", and the clue for the tiebreaker question, "Her April decision to call a snap parliamentary election proved less than brilliant on June 8."

McLean was the first to buzz in and answered "Therese May," winning her the tiebreaker but no extra cash.

So what if she got it wrong? Trebek would keep asking questions until Jeopardy! had a winner.

Makes you wonder how many extra questions the show's writers have to come up with for this rare occurrence.