The 'BIG Highland Park Art Show' wishes Highland Park a happy 100th birthday!

Artists celebrated the 100th anniversary of Highland Park

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Since 2013 Midland/Onnes LLC has worked to create a place for artists, art and community at 333 Midland road, a stamping plant turned art gallery. Last weekend, they helped Highland Park celebrate it's centennial anniversary with the "BIG Highland Park Art Show," featuring the work of the talented local artists.

Midland/Onnes LLC is owned by Rick Cronn and Robert Onnes. Cronn is an entrepreneur and Onnes is a sculptor from New Zealand who moved to Detroit. Robert Sestok, who has himself been a prominent Detroit artist since the 1960s, found the building and showed it to Cronn and Onnes.

The building was run down and still had squatters living in a part of it when Midland/Onnes purchased it. They installed electricity, plumbing etc, turning it into a useable workspace, and even managed to use built-in features the building had to give the warehouse a rustic appeal. The space has 20 studios which are used by 23 artists. 

The show included live music performances, The Pink Flamingo food truck, Motor City beer (by donation) and the opportunity for visitors to try their hands at sketching and painting.

Although Highland Park's centennial celebration is over, exhibitions are still held regularly at the location. for more information go to their website.