1d4 Friends - Eric Stuart on making music, voice acting, and catching them all!

He was blissfully unaware of our Pokemon cosplay

This week, we're talking with voice actors. Stay here for conversations with Billy West, Todd Haberkorn, Bryan Massey, Eric Stuart, and Jon St. John.

We're blasting off again with this new 1d4 Friends interview!

Eric Stuart, voice of Brock and James from "Pokemon," Seto Kaiba from "Yu-Gi-Oh!", and Gorry Gabriev from "Slayers" sat down with us to talk about the industry. He is exactly the kind of guy you would expect; charming, fun, and with a hundred cool stories from his years as a voice actor.

Something that others may not know is that he has a second passion: music. He's been on stage with huge names like the Ringo Starr and Peter Frampton while playing in "The Eric Stuart Band."

Mercifully, he was unaware of this cosplay: