Apparent trailer for 'Fortnite' chapter 2, season 11 leaked online

Trailer leaked following 'The End' blackout event

An image from the leaked Fortniteseason 11, chapter 2 trailer (Fortnite News/@FortniteBR)

DETROIT – An apparent trailer for the "Fortnite" season 11 battle pass -- which will begin chapter two of the game after season 10's "The End" blackout event -- has been leaked online.

The trailer is 30 seconds long and features several new possibilities for the popular battle royale game, including speed boats and pogo sticks.

You can watch the full trailer (posted by Fortnite News/@FortniteBR on Twitter) below.

It teases "new ways to level up" and shows a player reaching level 127 while fishing in a small pond.

At one point, a player is shown jumping out of a dumpster, suggesting new possibilities for hiding places throughout the map.

Rumors started circulating before the end of season 10 that "Fortnite" would introduce a brand-new map after more than two years on the same island.

The storyline took a major turn during the end-of-season live event at 2 p.m. Sunday and left players staring at an ominous black hole, unable to play the game or download an update.

It's unclear when "Fortnite" will return, but when it does, it appears players will have a new world to explore.

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