Hank Schrader's beer from 'Breaking Bad' is now a real thing -- and yes, you can buy it

Mythical beer brewed in garage on hit show

Hank Schrader's beer from "Breaking Bad" is now a real beer.

DETROIT – The mythical beer that Hank Schrader brewed up in his garage on "Breaking Bad" is now a real beer that you can buy.

"From Hank's garage to your refrigerator, Schraderbräu is a delicious lager that I'm confident will become a mainstay on every beer lover's shelf," said Dean Norris, who played Hank in the hit show. "And I promise bottles or bottle caps will not self-eject in your garage."

Schraderbräu, a German-style Marzen, will be available soon in 22-ounce bottles at New Mexico Costco stores and some retailers in California. The  brew, which has 6.2 percent ABV, is also available online at Craftshack, but it's currently sold out.

The beer is brewed at California's Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co.