Friday Finds: New music to check out – Oct. 25, 2019

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DETROIT – Happy Friday!

5 songs we have on repeat this week:

The Mask (Stripped) -- Matt Maeson

Singer Matt Maeson released a stripped down version of his debut album "Bank On The Funeral."

His music is innately emotionally driven, and he takes these already powerful songs to the next level -- creating something truly breathtaking. Particularly, the song, "The Mask" strikes a chord within me.

"Well, I felt the burn / Since the day you departed and talked from the tomb / I'm still healing those wounds / And it holds me down / But made me a man that says / F--- all those rules / I will be who I choose"

The lyrics have remained the same, but there's an emotional change in the stripped version that is incredibly moving. As you approach the end of the song -- in the original version -- there's a sense of anger, and desperation that reverberates through Maeson's voice. In this stripped version, those emotions seem to have been replaced with a deeper ache.

"Going back into the studio for a few weeks to re-work the entire album during my time off in between tour was not something I was particularly stoked about. Maybe the exhaustion added to the character? Is this how art works? Either way I'm so glad we made it happen. I think we really gave each and every song on this record a breath of fresh air. That being said, Bank On The Funeral (sexy n sweet) edition is out now," he said on Facebook.

If you like "The Mask (Stripped)" here are some other songs by Matt Maeson worth checking out:

Go Easy | Dancing After Death | Bank On The Funeral | Legacy | Tread On Me |

I Don't Owe You Anything -- Tegan and Sara

Twins Tegan and Sara Quin are currently on the road in support of their recently released album and memoir.

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The new album, "Hey, I'm Just Like You" consists of songs they wrote in high school and recorded this year. Tegan and Sara found cassettes of old songs while working on the book, "High School", leading to the new record, released last month.

The album and memoir are both incredible, making it tough to choose just one song.

"I Don't Owe You Anything" is pretty straightforward -- it's about finally moving on from someone and realizing you no longer owe that person anything.

"I don't ask much / All I want is your touch / It's the way I love you / It's why I hate you / But I don't owe you / No, I don't owe you anything."

The entire record is a coming-of age-album of sorts, consisting of songs about love, heartbreak and growing up.

If you like "I Don't Owe You Anything," here are some other songs by Tegan and Sara worth checking out:

I Know I'm Not the Only One | Boyfriend | Closer | Love They Say | Downtown |

Ghost Town -- Flawes ft. ROZES

Josh Carruthers opens this track with haunting vocals, his voice steady as it slips into the opening lyrics. The beat picks up and the song moves fluidly into a verse sung by ROZES.

When the duo sing together, it's magical.

"Oh, no, get me out of this ghost town / I'm cold now and the silence is so loud / Oh, Oh / Oh, no get me out of this ghost town"

Flawes is a band made up of Carruthers on vocals and keys, Freddie Edwards on guitar and Josh Hussey on drums.

"I had such an incredible time being a part of this song. It's been so amazing working alongside Flawes to perfect this masterpiece. Take a listen," ROZES said on Facebook.

If you like "Ghost Town" here are some other songs worth checking out:

When We Were Young | Don't Count Me Out | Here To Stay | Christmas Lights | Ocean Eyes |

BACK2YOU -- nothing, nowhere feat. blackbear and Travis Barker

nothing, nowhere teamed up with Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker for an EP he dropped last month.

The six tracks blend rock and rap elements, making for dark, but upbeat songs.

"BACK2YOU" is a song about returning to a toxic relationship and focusing on a connection that was no good despite knowing it is unhealthy.

The lyrics capture the pain of moving on in a way that is relatable and realistic. In a way, the song is a reminder that moving past an old love is difficult, even when that person was toxic and caused pain.

"All the words I never said are ringing out in my head / I keep runnin' back to the pain, maybe I like it / I can hear the sirens / I can feel your energy, I can't reduce the silence / I keep running back to you in my dreams every night / When the memories still haunt me/ And the truth is still a lie."

If you like "BACK2YOU," here are some other songs by nothing, nowhere worth checking out:

hammer | Call Back | DESTRUCTION | better | Hopes Up |

Beyond the Pale -- Cold War Kids

American indie rock band from California released their latest single, "Beyond the Pale." It's a heartbreaking song that dips into loneliness, love and missed opportunities.

"Cold War Kids strive to make honest songs about human experience in orchards and hotel rooms, laundromats and churches, sea ports and school halls," the band's biography reads.

The song "Beyond the Pale" is from their upcoming seventh studio album, "New Age Norms," which is expected to be released on Nov. 1. That album is the first installment of an album trilogy.

"In the dark / And you're lighting me up / With a spark / And I said too many secrets / Now I'm lost / But I don't wanna fall for you / 'Cause I've already got somebody / Somebody waiting"

Cold War Kids will perform in Detroit at The Majestic Theatre on Jan 28.

If you like "Beyond the Pale," here are some other songs by Cold War Kids worth checking out:

First | So Tied Up | Can We Hang On ? | Complainer | Restless |

Other songs to check out:

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