Friday Finds: New music to check out – Nov. 15, 2019

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DETROIT – Here’s some new music to get your weekend started.

5 songs we have on repeat this week:

Under the Graveyard -- Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne dropped the first song from his new album that’s set for release early next year.

“Under the Graveyard” is moody and fast-paced.

“Today, I woke up and I hate myself / Death doesn’t answer when I cry for help / No high could / save me from the depths of Hell / I’ll drown my mind until I’m someone else / Don’t take care of me, be scared of me / My misery owns me / I don’t wanna be my enemy / My misery owns me now”

While the song generally follows a darker theme, guitar riffs pick up the mood and add an energetic twist.

Osbourne’s “Ordinary Man” has a tentative release date of January. The record will be his first as a solo artist in a decade.

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everything i wanted -- Billie Eilish

Phenom Billie Eilish dropped a new song Wednesday and by Thursday night the song was No. 1 trending on YouTube.

The single reveals a softer side of Eilish -- her vocals remain low throughout the track. The beat is gentle, drifting like a slow tide pulling the listener out to sea.

“And you say / As long as I’m here / No one can hurt you / Don’t wanna lie here / But you can learn to / If I could change the way that you see yourself / You wouldn’t wonder why here / They don’t deserve you”

In an interview with Future Sounds on BBC 1, Eilish said one of the messages behind the song is about her relationship with her brother and how they are always there to support each other.

She said the lyrics, “Thought I could fly / So I stepped off the golden / Nobody cried / Nobody even noticed” are a reference to a nightmare she had where she jumped off the Golden Gate bridge. She said in the nightmare, nobody cared that she was gone.

“My brother is my best friend and I have these dreams and these things happen and he’s going to always be there for me,” Eilish said in the interview. “And it’s the same the other way around.”

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Tongue Tied -- Marshmello, YUNGBLUD and blackbear

Marshmello, YUNGBLUD and blackbear teamed up for an energetic collab track that dropped Wednesday.

When asked what inspired the song, YUNGBLUD said the trio wanted to make a song that encompassed all of their energies.

“Tongue Tied” does just that, flowing from one artist to the next while combining a variety of sounds and styles seamlessly to make an energetic track.

“Tongue-tied, tongue-tied, what we had was all lies / people change, people change, people switch up / it’s OK -- you can’t save me ever again”

While song has lyrics that talk about people changing and leaving, YUNGBLUD said the line “If you feel like, that you’re tongue-tied, then we’re tongue-tied together,” makes him feel less alone.

A music video was also released.

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Put Your Hands Up (Acoustic) -- Forest Blakk

Forest Blakk dropped an acoustic version of his uplifting song “Put Your Hands Up.”

The song seems to serve as a reminder that when you’re struggling, or feel lost, you are not alone. There are other people like you.

“If you’re on the verge of giving up / And you’re all but out of hope / Put your hand up / So you know you’re not alone / Put your hand up / Go on and put your hand up”

The Canadian singer-songwriter bares his soul, expressing the deepest parts of himself through his art. “He describes it as urban folk, mixing the tranquility and peace of folk music with the chaos and pulse of the city,” according to his Facebook page.

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Demitasse -- Fireworks

Detroit’s Fireworks broke a four year hiatus last week with a link posted to its social media accounts.

The band had been fairly active on those accounts prior the link being posted, but it led to something fans haven’t heard since the band announced it was taking an indefinite break in the spring of 2015 -- new music.

“Demitasse” is a nearly 6 minute long track. It starts slow and rather solemn, but it does pick up later, going through highs and lows.

Fireworks also announced a new album, “Higher Lonely Power,” due out next year.

Click here to hear the new track.

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Other songs to check out:

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