Detroit psychedelic band is staying inspired amid COVID-19 uncertainty

Cousin Mouth to kick off 2021 with new album release

Detroit producer and songwriter, Alex Burns - creator of Cousin Mouth (Andre Moore)

Detroit-based psychedelic R&B group, Cousin Mouth, is the brainchild of songwriter and producer Alex Burns. Having performed at various Detroit venues in the past including El Club, Deluxx Flux, and The Skip, Burns is staying inspired as the ongoing pandemic casts a gloom of uncertainty over the live music industry.

“Musicians are a pretty resilient breed no matter where they’re at,” Burns said. “It’s hard to think of a place where that trait is as constantly put to practice than in Detroit.”

Following the music video debut of the album’s first single, “New Memories,” the group is preparing to release their new album MayflowerPeacemakerHolyredeemer next week. Showcasing a canorous and dreamlike sound, their signature groove and beat-based style encapsulate how past experiences and relationships inevitably influence our present.

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When composing the song “Every Bad Man,” Burns was seeking to create something that was both musically beautiful and delicate while also heavy and direct.

“I wrote the lyrics from a very honest and almost conversational space and from a musical standpoint, I wanted to reflect the intensity of the lyrics.”

Recorded with vocal talents Salakastar [Aja Dier], Supercoolwicked [Morgan Hutson], and Sara Marie Barron, the lyrics touch on experiences with pain, hate, anger, suffering, and the pursuit of joy. Gripping emotion is clearly shown through musicianship and the song’s triumphant instrumental crescendo featuring Jake Shadik on flute and saxophone, Ian Fink of keyboard and synthesizer, and Will Daniels on drums.

You can pre-order MayflowerPeacemakerHolyredeemer now or stream “New Memories’' and “Every Bad Man” on Spotify. To keep up with their musical journey, follow Cousin Mouth on social media @CousinMouth.

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