California brewery partners with Metallica to craft Enter Night Pilsner

Described as Northern German Pilsner with 'modern overtones of aggression'

Metallica and Arrogant Consortia teamed up to release Enter Night Pilsner.

ESCONDIDO, Calif. - Metallica is getting its own beer, thanks to Arrogant Consortia.

Arrogant Consortia is an imprint of California's Stone Brewing. According to the band and brewing company, the two have so much in common that it was only natural to team up and create Enter Night Pilsner.

“The amount of ideals and outlooks that Metallica and Stone Brewing share are endless,” said Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich. “I’m always blown away about how similar our paths forward have been. Our view of the worlds that we each inhabit, of creativity and process and sense of place in relation to our peers and ‘The Man’ are almost identical."

Stone Brewing co-founder Greg Koch spent time drinking at Ulrich's home as they worked to create the perfect band brew.

“I remember seeing Metallica on the cover of a magazine just after the Black Album was released,” Koch said. “On the cover was a quote that resonated with me to this day: ‘Metallica didn’t go to number one, number one came to them.’  I loved what that meant. Do it your way and never compromise your art. If you’re great at what you do people will come. I view that simple quote as one of the founding philosophical elements of Stone Brewing.”

The beer is described by the brewing company as a Northern German Pilsner with "modern overtones of aggression" that creates a hoppy forward that finishes with bitterness. 

Enter Night Pilsner will hit the U.S. distribution network early this year and will go worldwide in the spring. Use the beer finder here to find locations that sell Arrogant Consortia beers.

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