Man gets free Valentine's Day meal after being 'stood up' by fake date

What would happen if you went to Outback Steakhouse on Valentine's Day and pretended to get stood up by a date that never existed?

Twitter user @baconflavoring asked that very question and because there's only one way to find the answer -- he tried it -- and spoiler alert, it worked.

After an evening of staring across an empty table, leaving fake voicemails, and just generally acting sad he got a free steak. He said a couple at the restaurant paid his bill for him.

So, is he a hero or a villain? 

@baconflavoring said he donated $50 to the ACLU after everything was said and done. Outback Steakhouse wasn't mad about it either as they invited him via Twitter to bring a "real date" and the meal would be on them.

The tweets are embedded below:

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