Bargain-blogger shares Thanksgiving dinner money savers


DETROIT – The price of the average Thanksgiving dinner is up nearly three dollars from last year. Virginia's Farm Bureau estimates the average family will spend

about $50 on turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, rolls, peas and cranberries for ten adults. The price also covers a carrot and celery tray, and pumpkin

pie with whipped cream.


However, a member of the Ruth to the Rescue Money Saver team says it's still possible to have a frugal Thanksgiving dinner. Kristie Sawicki has been

writing her money saving blog (savingdollarsandsense.com) for six years, and says its one of her goals to help you live on less money.


Here are her quick tips to keep your Thanksgiving budget in check: 

1) Set a budget and stick to it! Do not be swayed by all the goodies you see at the grocery store.

2) She suggests your turkey, or other main dish, should be about 40% of your total dinner budget, which can help with your planning.

3) Ask guests to bring side dishes, especially if they have a specific request that isn't in your meal plan.

4) Shop early for your turkey and look for sales. Kristie even suggests if you find a great price, buy two turkeys and freeze one for later.

5) If you need paper plates and plastic forks, be sure to look at discount stores where prices can be one-third of what you pay at other places.


Finally, bargain-blogger Kristie Sawicki says you should remember Thanksgiving dinner is about creating loving memories, not an over-the-top

gourmet, gut-busting feast.