Is your child ready for makeup?


CLEVELAND CLINIC – When is safe to wear makeup?

Dr. Jo Ann Robinson, a pediatrician at Cleveland Clinic's Children's Hospital, says there's no magic age when wearing makeup suddenly becomes appropriate. Instead, there are several factors for parents to keep in mind.

"It depends on culture, family, several of my patients that participate in activities like dance or performance art, they will be introduced to make-up much earlier than those who are not involved in those types of activities," Robinson says.

Regardless of age, Robinson says less is more.  

If a child is going to start wearing makeup, she recommends starting with something light, such as a lip gloss. She warns to steer clear of scented or oil-based products because they may cause skin irritation -- especially for sensitive or acne-prone skin.

When looking at product labels, Robinson says it's a good idea to look for something with the fewest ingredients possible. If the product irritates your child's skin, simply stop using it. However, certain reactions should be checked out by a doctor.

"If you have more severe irritation, redness, swelling, burning that persists, you would be best to see your pediatrician because you may need more specific treatment for that," Robinson says.

Severe allergic reactions appearing on your child's face could spread to the airways. If your child is wheezing, has abdominal pain, or if vomiting, get medical care immediately.