Shattered podcast | Child Killer, Chapter 7 -- Dr. Danto

Shattered podcast | Child Killer, Chapter 7
Shattered podcast | Child Killer, Chapter 7 (WDIV)

The police and task force are in full gear, searching through mounds of information. Dr. Bruce Danto enters the picture offering theories and helping to profile the killer(s). On April 4th, 1977 a man calling himself, Allen sends Dr. Danto a letter, claiming he is the roommate of the Oakland County Child Killer. Eventually Allen would setup a meeting with Dr. Danto.

Not long after Timmy King was abducted, a witness came forward with some vital information. She claimed to have seen Timmy talking to a man outside the Hunter-Maple Pharmacy in Birmingham, Michigan. She said Timmy and the man were about two car-lengths away from her. The witness also described the vehicle she believed the man to be driving; a dark-blue AMC Gremlin with a white stripe on its side. The Gremlin became an obsession as police began stopping and searching each one they saw on the road.

Desperate for information related to the case, the task force looked to a middle-aged psychiatrist and professor for help. Dr. Bruce Danto had consulted with police prior to the child killings, but after a local TV appearance in January of 1977, they theorized he could have a special connection with the killer.