‘Everything is Fine’: A Socially Distant Birthday Celebration

Celebrate good times... from afar

Adalynn celebrates birthday #4 during coronavirus shutdown (Jeremy Allen)

Work from home - Check

Home schooling - Check

Never change out of pajamas - Check!

It’s day two of this project and day five of the end of (school) days. We are finding our way. Hope you are too. Today work life was tough to stay on top of, because my wife had to be out of “the office,” which left me manning all stations.

It’s an amazing day here because our littlest, Adalynn is celebrating her 4th birthday!! Not the way she’d like to, of course. Instead of having a bunch of friends in princess dresses over for a rager, she’s stuck with her family for a quiet get-together. There was laughing, crying, learning and signing. Please listen and enjoy, Addy’s birthday!

Adalynn celebrates her 4th birthday by wearing one of her many princess dresses. (Jeremy Allen)
Addy celebrates part of her birthday inside a box. (Jeremy Allen)
Addy enjoys another day at home. Today is her birthday. (Jeremy Allen)
Cooper plays video games while being "homeschooled" (Jeremy Allen)

Socially distant, Jeremy

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