‘Everything is Fine’ podcast: The shutdown we’ve been waiting for

Be still

Snowy morning in Rochester Hills, MI. March 23, 2020 (Jeremy Allen, Jeremy Allen)

Today we got the news that we are to 'Stay home, stay safe." Thank you, Gretchen.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer tells Michigan residents to "Stay home, stay safe." March 23, 2020 (WDIV Clickondetroit.com)

You can find out all the details of what exactly that means here.

As for our family...

We had an eventful weekend, in a sense. we started a home renovation project. The kids hung out and played all weekend. Addy, our 4 year-old is now connected through Facebook messenger with her friends, so she is making “calls” left and right.

Spirits are pretty high at the moment! But there were some sad signs that pulled me back to earth. Hear that and a lot more, here:

More to come, tomorrow. Enjoy pictures of the craziness below!

Let us know how you and your family are doing. Leave us a comment below.

Good luck and stay healthy!!

Socially distant,


Adalynn watches 'Honey I shrunk the kids.' March 23, 2020 (Jeremy Allen)
Cooper searches for answers. March 23, 2020 (Jeremy Allen)
Empty Wabash park in Rochester Hills, Michigan. March 22, 2020 (Jeremy Allen)
Wabash park in Rochester Hills, Michigan is taped off. Oakland County has closed it and all other public parks down for the time being. March 22, 2020 (Jeremy Allen)

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