My pandemic pregnancy: ’We’re 18 years old ... We had to jump in’

‘The baby would be asleep … and we’d be doing homework on the iPad’

Delicia Garza, at left, with her boyfriend and daughter.
Delicia Garza, at left, with her boyfriend and daughter. (Photo provided by Delicia Garza)

Author’s note: This is not MY personal story, per se, (despite the “my pandemic pregnancy” headline), but a story told by our readers, week by week. Today’s is shared by Delicia Garza.

You might have heard that being pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or delivering right about now is strange, in this age of coronavirus. But how? In what ways? We’re going to tell you. To contribute your own experience, scroll all the way down to the bottom of this article and tap the link.

When Delicia Garza’s newborn daughter underwent surgery, an operation that required an overnight hospital stay, the San Antonio woman said it felt like the walls were closing in on her.

The 18-year-old had recently been diagnosed with postpartum depression. Her boyfriend, who is the father of her baby, wasn’t permitted at the hospital, due to COVID-19-related restrictions. And Garza was still recovering from her own surgery, a C-section on April 29.

She felt overwhelmed and a little anxious to be by herself during such a stressful and emotionally heavy time.

That night, after the surgery was complete, Garza breathed a sigh of relief learning that everything went well. Her daughter, Kehlani, who is now about 4 months at this writing, is healthy and thriving. But Garza remembers feeling on edge at the hospital.

“(Kehlani) still had an IV hooked up, and I was scared to change her diaper or hold her,” Garza said. “I’m only 18 -- and yes, I just had a baby, but I don’t know everything. She was so little. I was still learning about her. It was so hard being in the hospital alone.”

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