Ever tried ice fishing? It doesn’t have to be the freezing cold trip you’re envisioning -- and this proves it

Bucket list alert! This region in Northern Minnesota has all the walleye and neighborly vibes, not to mention an Igloo Bar

A fish house at sunset. (Provided by Joe Henry/Lake of the Woods Tourism)

It all started with a photo from a friend, showing what appeared to be a bar made of ice.

You know -- like a saloon. A drinking establishment or a place to sip on some cocktails. That kind of bar.

In the picture, the bar was also perched atop a frozen lake. Was it really made of ice blocks? Where was this exactly? How do you get there? Did Elsa build it?

Kidding on that last one; a little mom joke for any fellow parents out there.

After doing some Googling and sending an email to confirm, we got our answer: It’s not exactly an ice bar, but it is an igloo bar. Or, more specifically, The Igloo Bar, which sits in front of Zippel Bay Resort, located on the frozen Lake of the Woods in Northern Minnesota.

Joe Henry, the executive director of Lake of the Woods Tourism, was more than happy to talk all about it. Word has definitely spread about the Igloo Bar, which first opened in December of 2017, and operates seasonally (which makes sense, considering it’s on a frozen lake). Here’s a picture: Please don’t laugh; this shot makes it pretty clear that it’s NOT, in fact, made of ice -- more on this soon!

Igloo Bar (Provided by Joe Henry/Lake of the Woods Tourism)

The bar is about 1,000 square feet, with two big-screen TVs, drink offerings, several hot-food options -- and get this: You can actually fish while inside. Visitors have the option to rent a fishing hole for $5 an hour, and the bartenders, instead of just keeping some lemons and limes behind the counter, will sell you minnows, as well.

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