Move aside, kids -- these board games are strictly for adults

Board games have made a big comeback among adults

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Forget Connect Four, Candy Land and Trouble.

Although, admittedly, those games, as always, remain top-sellers for kids. But the kids aren’t the focus right now.

Board games are pretty popular among adults, who are, more and more, trading video games for game pieces.

Honestly, how fun is it to invite friends over for a game night? We love it!

In case you’ve been searching for a new or different way to enjoy a night in -- or a night at a friend’s house -- here are plenty of great games to choose from. (We’d recommend sending the kids to bed first for some of these).

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This is a tile-placement game where players fill in countryside around a fortified city. When tiles of items such as cities, roads, monasteries and fields are placed, players earn points by having “followers” on the tiles they’ve completed. The followers can be knights, monks, farmers or thieves. The player with the most points by making the most strategic placements of tiles and followers wins the game.

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One of the most popular games in the world, where players become settlers trying to trade and acquire resources. Points are accumulated as settlements grow, with the first to reach 10 victory points winning the game.

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A crime-solving game, one player takes on the role as the ghost of a murdered individual and the other players are psychics who try and figure out the culprit through communication with the ghost and illustrated cards.

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It’s a cooperative game where players work as a team to find a cure for four diseases before a pandemic starts.

The game accommodates two to four players, who can play roles of dispatcher, medic, scientist, researcher, operations expert, contingency planner or quarantine specialist.

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Small World

Using a combination of special powers and fantasy races, players attempt to gain control of the world by expanding empires and conquering other lands.

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Ticket to Ride

A railroad-themed game, players try to complete the longest continuous railway that connect distant cities. The railways are constructed through drawing train cards, with points being issued on the length of claimed routes.

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