Detroit Duets 2018: Robin Horlock and Tasha Lord

Get to know Robin and Tasha, one of four "Detroit Duets"


Meet Robin Horlock and Tasha Lord! They are one of four "Detroit Duets" that will be performing live on Monday, June 25 on Local 4's broadcast of "The Ford Fireworks" presented by The Parade Company. The show will also be live streamed on ClickOnDetroit.com beginning at 8 p.m.


Robin Horlock fell upon his love for music by accident when he joined his high school choir troupe, and hasn't stopped singing since. He has been an independent musician since 2002 and has created four original albums. He has played over 3,500 shows. Robin's main genre of music is acoustic rock. He loves to tell stories through his songs.



Fun Facts about Robin

Favorite Actor: Cillian Murphy

Favorite Movie: " Braveheart"

Favorite Artist: Amos Lee

Favorite Food: Battered Sausage and Chips

Favorite Animal: Ferret

Unique Fact: Robin is originally from England

Follow Robin on:

Facebook: @robinhorlockmusic

Twitter: @RobinHorlock

Instagram: @robinhorlock

See more of his work at robinhorlockmusic.com/


Tasha Lord started out in high school writing poetry and performing musical theater which evolved into her becoming a rock artist. Today she sings just about any genre. Tasha loves to sing songs that carry passion. Her current projects are with The Flutter and Wow Band and Bluewater Kings Band. Tasha is also a session singer, and has done many live collaborations with other artists as well as commercial work. She has recorded 3 full albums of original music for her own groups and has had success with licensing original work to NASCAR and Lifetime TV. 



Fun Facts about Tasha

Favorite TV Show: anything with nerdy science stuff and shows with talking animals

Favorite Movie: " Star Wars"

Favorite Book: "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor Frankl

Favorite Artist: Brandi Carlile

Favorite Food: Seafood

Favorite Animal: Horses and Dogs

Unique Fact: Tasha has a special skill for training dogs

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Facebook: @tashavaldezlord

Twitter: @TashaValdezLord

Instagram: @tashavaldezlord

See more of her work at tashalord.com/

Don't forget to watch Robin and Tasha on "The Ford Fireworks" presented by The Parade Company -- Monday, June 25 at starting at 8 p.m.