Celebrate ‘the official spirit of America’ with Michigan-made bourbon

June 14 is National Bourbon Day

Red Cedar Spirits (Sasha Washington)

Raise a glass of your favorite dark spirit because National Bourbon Day takes place on June 14.

Bourbon has been around for hundreds of years. The roots of the spirit are tied to settlers that came over to North America in the mid-1700s.

According to the national day’s website, Lyndon B. Johnson gave the spirit his presidential stamp in 1964 and declared bourbon “The Official Spirit of America.”

While Kentucky is known for the spirit, Michigan distilleries make the traditional spirit with their own twist that creates powerful flavors but still values American traditions.

Below are a few Michigan distilleries and the bourbons they make:

Coppercraft Distillery

  • Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • Blend of Straight Bourbon Whiskies
  • Single Barrel Straight Bourbon

Detroit City Distillery

  • Four Grain Bourbon
  • Butcher’s Cut Bourbon

Eastern Kille

  • Straight Bourbon
  • Bottled in Bond Bourbon

Grand Traverse Distillery

  • Solera Bourbon
  • Straight Bourbon
  • Single Barrel Bourbon

Iron Fish Distillery

  • Bourbon Whiskey Imperial Stout Casks
  • Bourbon Whiskey Tawny Port Casks
  • Bourbon Whiskey Caribbean Casks
  • Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Sherry Casks
  • Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Cognac Barrels
  • Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Mezcal Barrels
  • Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Craft Beer Barrels
  • Maple Bourbon Whiskey
  • Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Long Road Distillers

  • Straight Bourbon

Mammoth Distillery

  • 17-Year Bourbon
  • Straight Bourbon Whiskey
  • Woolly Bourbon

New Holland Brewing Co.

  • Beer Barrel Bourbon
  • Beer Barrel Bourbon - Sweet Heat
  • Beer Barrel Bourbon - Baked Apple Pie
  • Origin Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey

Red Cedar Spirits Distillery

  • Green Label Bourbon
  • Melting Pot Blended Bourbon
  • Oatlander Bourbon

Rusted Crow Spirits

  • Straight Rust Belt Bourbon Whiskey

Two James Distillery

  • Grass Widow Bourbon
  • J. Riddle Peated Bourbon

Valentine Distilling

  • Red Label Bourbon
  • Blue Label Bourbon
  • Black Label Bourbon


  • Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Wise Men Distillery

  • Bourbon Whiskey

About the Author:

Elizabeth Washington is a Digital News Editor and has been with Local 4 News since April 2022.