Are you 5 kinds of bored?

Researchers identify 5 different types of boredom


Being bored just got a little more interesting.

While it may sometimes seem like there is only one kind of boredom -- endless -- scientists have actually defined four kinds, and now, they're adding a fifth.

The types of boredom are based on the level of arousal involved (i.e. how calm or fidgety you are) and whether it's a more negative or positive experience.

The five types of boredom:

1. Indifferent boredom -- where you're relaxed, withdrawn, and indifferent.
2. Calibrating boredom -- which makes you feel uncertain and receptive to distractions.
3. Searching boredom -- that's more restless and involves an active pursuit of distractions.
4. Reactant boredom -- when you're motivated to leave a boring situation for a specific alternative.
5. Apathetic boredom -- the most recent addition to the list, it's an especially unpleasant form that resembles helplessness or depression.

The findings are the work of Dr. Thomas Goetz of the University of Konstanz in Germany, in conjunction with colleagues at the University of Munich, the University of Ulm, McGill University in Montreal, and the City University of New York.

The studies were conducted in German university and high school students. The research group found it alarming that apathetic boredom was reported by 36 percent of the high school students in the study.

The team also found that people tended to experience primarily one type of boredom, suggesting the type of bored we are may be connected to our personality and overall disposition.