'Mom school' a success for many in Wayne County


DETROIT – A local program that is reaching out to at-risk mothers is proving to be a real success.

Launched in 2012, the Detroit Wayne County Nurse-Family Partnership, affectionately known as "mom school," was designed to help first-time, low-income moms.

The program sends a specially-trained nurse to visit moms throughout their pregnancy, birth and first two years of their baby's life.

Clemencia Hedwood said she brushed the program off at first.

"I was like, ‘OK.' Whatever," she said. But she soon learned valuable lessons about raising her daughter and creating stable household.


 "Talking to her like she's a person and not a baby will help her develop more," Hedwood said. "It was a beautiful experience."

Chris Allen, CEO of the Detroit Wayne County Health Authority, said it's not just mothers and their babies who benefit.

"You measure a community by the health of its children. So, the more emphasis we can place on mothers and babies, and allowing them an appropriate, health start in life, we're going to see remarkable change," he said. "Starting a young child, in terms of a structured environment, with an educated mom, it means the world."

For more information on the program, visit NurseFamilyPartnership.org.