Event gives people with autism the opportunity to join crews, learn art of sailing

Partnership helped launch event

DETROIT – Every year the Set Sail for Autism event put on by Detroit's Bayview Yacht Club in partnership with the Judson Autism Connection Center gives people with autism an opportunity to join crews and learn the art of sailing. 

"A lot of people on the autism spectrum don't get a chance to get out and try stuff like this, so they have no pathway to it," said sailor Michael Sanchirico, with the Bayview Yacht Club. 

He discussed the experiences of participants. 

"We have some people who are autistic, and they start talking in ways they've never talked before, but when they were out on a boat something triggered that in their minds,"  said  Sanchirico.  "It is a great unwinding activity.  It is just you, the water and the wind." 

Watch the video above to hear from families who participated in the event.