It’s National ‘Clean Out Your Fridge Day’ -- you can do it!

Cleaning out your refrigerator may sound like a daunting task, but it's worth it. (Pixlr)

It might be time for a good refrigerator clean-out.

Friday is “National Clean Out Your Fridge Day.” There are some really pointless national “this” or “that” days, but this one seems like it could be very helpful. It was created to help remind people to prepare for the holiday season.

With large family gatherings and tons of food like turkey and ham, your fridge can become full quite quickly. A deep clean of the refrigerator could also be good for your health. The Sanitation Foundation found refrigerator meat and vegetable drawers are the dirtiest spots in the kitchen.

What’s the grossest item in your fridge right now? It’s possible you might not even know about it. So let’s get cleaning!

Here are some tips for cleaning out your fridge include:

  • Empty each shelf
  • Wash underneath the drawers
  • Check the expiration dates for all food items

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