In Metro Detroit flu cases, other illnesses are making people sick

DETROIT – There is a lot of concern about the coronavirus, but in Michigan we are still in the midst of flu season.

Flu viruses are still circulating and local doctors see many patients with Influenza A and B. There is a large number of other contagious illnesses too going around.

In Wayne County, Beaumont Trenton officials said flu cases are still coming in but seem to have leveled off. Beaumont Dearborn officials said its treating a lot of stomach viruses and Garden City Hospital officials report flu and pneumonia. The CVS Minute CLinic in Wyandotte said upper respiratory infections and sinus infections top the list there this week.

In Oakland County Beaumont Doctor Richard Weiermiller in Rochester Hills said flu is the major problem in kids, followed by RSV and lots of pink eye. Beaumont doctor Ashley Alexander reports stomach viruses and viral bronchitis and the CVS Minute Clinics are treating the flu, sinus infections and sore throats.

Watch the video above to see what’s going around.

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