Will coronavirus (COVID-19) infection rates drop this summer?

Use any decrease to prepare

DETROIT – Will summer bring a shift in the ability of coronavirus (COVID-19) to spread?

That’s a question many experts have debated -- to no avail. Local 4 Dr. Frank McGeorge is urging people to use any potential period of decrease to prepare.

May 22, 2020 -- Michigan coronavirus (COVID-19) cases up to 53,913; Death toll now at 5,158

Temperatures are warming up and we’re about to test the theory that there might be a seasonality to the spread of COVID-19 -- with the potential that increased temperatures and humidity could decrease transmission.

The good news is part of the seasonal improvements is we might see a drop in new infections over the summer -- the bad news that it’s a double edged sword. Any decrease related to the summer will mean an increase in the fall and winter.

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Summer may be an opportunity to prepare yourself and your family for a resurgence in the future. If another stay-at-home order become necessary you can get the household supplies and food you might need. You can make financial plans.

Any possible improvement because of favorable weather could end up wasted if we don’t continue to maintain the social precautions. The warm weather doesn’t mean you can let down your guard, the virus can still spread in any season.

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