Sandra Ali: My husband Shawn Ley is a great father

DETROIT – My husband Shawn, whom you see every morning on Local 4, is truly a special Dad. 

We have a unique household with two working parents who both work unconventional and crazy schedules. 

It's anything but typical. 

My husband leaves for work in the middle of the night to get ready for the morning show.

Our two year old is still fast asleep. 

But, by the time my husband gets home after working a long day at Local 4, he's greeted by an energetic non-stop two year old who is ready to take on the afternoon. 

Despite being bleary eyed and sleep deprived, he would never let our little guy down. 

Somehow he manages to find the energy to keep up with our toddler. 

Since I work weekends, most often on Saturdays and Sundays, my husband is often the only Dad flying solo at the park or swimming pool, along with all the other Moms. 

He never complains about it and just takes it all in stride. 

He truly loves being a Dad and it shows when you see the bond he has with his son. 

They're like two peas in a pod.

Seeing them together will melt your heart. 

Happy Father's Day Shawn, to a hardworking Dad who never complains and makes being a wonderful Father to a little boy look effortless.

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