First Cousins Who Married Each Other and Having a Baby Say Their Relationship Is Not Strange

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A Utah man and woman who married in spite of their being first cousins are now expecting their first child together.

Michael Lee and Angela Peang, who will appear on the new TV series “Extreme Love,” are preparing to welcome a baby into their family in May. They told Inside Edition that when people learn they are biologically related, they say that what they are doing is “gross” and that “they will burn in Hell." 

Marrying your cousin is illegal in many states, including Utah, so they tied the knot in Colorado. They said that their parents took a while to adjust to the idea of them falling in love and marrying. 

"Michael and I got along right away,” Angela said. “We were like kindred spirits, just playing; we loved each other's company.”

The couple underwent genetic testing to make sure their children would not be at risk for birth defects and they say “everything is perfectly on track.”

The couple says that the more people who are exposed to their story, the less of a stigma the nature of their relationship will have, noting they believe their being together is not that strange. 

“Extreme Love” airs Friday on WEtv. 


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