VIDEO: 'Ghost' captured following couple walking up driveway


A family who set up cameras after feeling a "ghostly" presence in their home claims to have caught evidence of it.

Security cameras appear to pick up a floating white figure following closely behind two people as they walked up their driveway. (Video below)

The video was posted to YouTube on Dec. 30 (with Spanish subtitles). The publisher wrote the following

Imagine going down the street without knowing or realizing that someone is chasing you. This is what happened.

Several days security cameras were installed to capture some evidence to confirm what the family that lived in this house said. And it is that they speak of demonic or ghostly presences, until finally it captures a spectre going down the stairs of the place.

Naysayers say it is just a reflection of the camera lens, or a malfunction. 

It could also be flare or ghosting - which you can read more about here.

So, are you buying this?

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