Why are most barber shops, hair salons closed on Monday?


DETROIT – For as long as you can probably remember, salons and barbers have been closed on Monday.

Most are actually closed on Sunday and Monday. While Sunday isn't a shocker - Monday is a unique off day for the industry.

There's actually a couple of reasons for it.

Firstly, most shops are run by private owners, and the Sunday-Monday off days give them a true weekend, since closing Saturday would be a bad business move.

Secondly, some cities had a form of union for barbers that lasted through the mid-20th century.

The union pushed employers to close on Sunday and Monday so that barbers could have a full 2-day weekend - which included being able to go to church - and no one would have a competitive advantage.

Although the unions aren't really around anymore - the tradition has stuck for many shops.

Many chain shops like Great Clips and Fantastic Sams are open on both days.

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