How much are those old Pokemon Cards, Gameboys, Beanie Babies worth?

Can you get something for your dusty old toys?


DETROIT – Thinking about selling your old fad toys like Pokemon cards or Beanie Babies? Here's what you could probably fetch for them these days.

Things to consider with value are condition, authenticity and market research. 

Pokemon Cards

Since the explosion of Pokemon Go, your old Pokemon cards could probably be worth more.

According to Twizzle, first edition cards (1999-2000) are worth the most. Some of the rarer cards, like the Pikachu Illustrator Card, is worth - no joke - $100,000.

A 1st Edition Shadowless Charizard could net you up to $3,000.

Other cards, like Shadowless Lightning Energy cards are only worth $1.

Conclusion: It's probably worth digging through to see if you have any of the more valuable cards. See more here with the Twizzle infographic. 

Beanie Babies

Along the same lines as Pokemon Cards, some Beanie Babies are valued at nearly $100,000 - while some are valued at $2.

The most valuable Beanie Babies, according to DailyToast, include:

  • Princes Diana Purple Bear ($75K)
  • Curly Bear Original Beanie Baby ($24.5K)
  • Peace Bear ($5K)
  • Valentino Beanie Bear ($19K)
  • Millennium Mint Bear ($5K)
  • Hippity Hoppity Rabbits ($5K)
  • Mystic Beanie Baby ($1K)
  • Snort Beanie Baby ($1.5K)
  • Pumpkin Beanie Baby ($38K)
  • Mac the Pink Bird ($2.5K)
  • Claude the Crab ($2.5K)

Be sure to check open auction sites like Ebay to see what others are selling for. Lots are worth zilch. 

Nintendo Gameboy

Pokemon Go has given more value to your old handheld gaming system.

Since Pokemon Go exploded, the market price of Nintendo Gameboy has shot up.

Pricecharting.com estimates the following prices for Gameboy consoles in new condition:

  • Original Game Boy: $549.95
  • Game Boy Color: $242.50
  • Game Boy Advance: $69.95

Your Gameboy games could also be very valuable. Racketboy listed a few games that are fetching decent returns:

  • Mega Man III (PAL Red Tearstrip) – 3,000 Euros – Private Sale.
  • Castlevania Adventure: $500.
  • Pokemon Red: $188 – $450.
  • Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening: $200 – $418.
  • Mega Man: $325.
  • Pokemon Blue: $158 – $305.
  • Metroid II: $274.
  • Pokemon Yellow: $172.

In many cases, your old Gameboy is worth more than any other old Nintendo toys you may have laying around.


Perhaps the creepiest of 90s toys - your Furby could get your some dollars.

AOL Finance reported last year that the robotic toy is newly in high demand, with collectors paying between $24 to more than $500 for the toy.

Depending on the generation of Furby, style, working condition and mint sealed - a lot of Furbys are worth between $40 and $60.

GoFurby has a great guide, breaking down values by generation here.

Cabbage Patch Kids

Like many toys like it, the rare dolls will net you a great return - if you can find them.

If you started collecting in the 80s and still have them laying around, here are the ones that could break the bank for you, according to Gazette Review. 

  • James Dudley (1985) – $3,000
  • Blonde Girl Little People Doll (1981) – $1,995
  • Mark Twain Collection – $850
  • Fraternal Twins Irish Edition – $750
  • Maureen Miriam (1978) – $350
  • Southern Belle Georgiana (1986) – $249
  • Designer Line Cabbage Patch Kid (1989) – $200
  • Boyce Lorenzo (1985) – $200

The non-collectibles could go for much less - so they may be better sitting creepily in your daughter's old bedroom.

Car toys (Matchbox, Hot Wheels)

These were all the rage between 1970-1990. Toy cars, trucks and motorcycles were commonly stepped on by parents after kids were done playing with them.

Those old vintage car toys are mostly worthless - but there are some collectibles that could be worth something.

Here are some of the more valuable car toys, according to Popular Mechanics. 

  • Stomper 4X4s ($10 up to about $100)
  • Aurora A/FX Slot Cars ($100-$300)
  • Knight Rider Knight 2000 Voice Car ($50-$900)
  • Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle ($1,000 to almost $3,000 in perfect condition)
  • Barbie Star Traveler GMC Motorhome ($40-$200)
  • Hot Wheels (Price varies based on condition and rarity. One of the most valuable is the 1969 prototype VW "Beach Bomb" worth more than $70,000.)
  • Mego Dukes of Hazzard General Lee ($400 to $600)
  • G.I. Joe M.O.B.A.T. Motorized Battle Tank ($80-$325)
  • Corgi Model 269 James Bond Lotus Esprit ($100 and $200)
  • Mego Starsky and Hutch Gran Torino ($300-$400)
  • Tamiya Wild Willys ($200-$300)
  • Mighty Tonka Winnebago ($40 to $150)

All of those estimates are based on condition and inclusion of select accessories. 


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