How much it'll cost you to see a game, concert at Detroit's Little Caesars Arena

Little Caesars Arena on July 17, 2017 in Detroit. (WDIV)
Little Caesars Arena on July 17, 2017 in Detroit. (WDIV)

DETROIT – Detroit's newest entertainment venue, Little Caesars Arena, is set to open next month with several concerts and sporting events slated into the end of the year.

The new arena will offer a top notch entertainment experience, but not without taking a bite out of your wallet.

Season tickets for both the Detroit Red Wings and Pistons hit the market in May for the inaugural season at Little Caesars Arena in Downtown Detroit.

Season ticket packages for the Red Wings go as high as $14,850 per seat, and as low as $1,800 per seat.

The Pistons top $13,200 per seat - and go as low as $616 per seat.

Pricing for single game Red Wings tickets range from $50 to $400, with Pistons single game tickets ranging from $15 to $330. 

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The venue tickets aren't so much the problem with high prices - it's the secondary markets that are gauging.

For example, Paul McCartney is playing LCA in October, with tickets starting at $59.50 and topping out at around $257.00.

On markets like StubHub, these tickets are going for nearly three times, in some cases more, than face value.

Ed Sheeran will play LCA on September 27, with tickets ranging from $40 - $100, but on Stubhub, tickets range from $180 to $800. 

The Weeknd will play LCA on November 1, with tickets ranging between $40 and $150, but on Stubhub, tickets range from $65 to $400.

If you miss out on opening day ticket sales, which is likely, due to scalpers and bots, you're likely to pay a pretty penny for tickets.

Since venues can't seem to handle the ticket bots problem, some artists and vendors are taking it upon themselves to help fans get tickets.

Ticketmaster is rolling out a new "Verified Fan" feature which they say will level the playing field. This is being tested with Hamilton The Musical in New York.

Verified Fan is an innovative new technology from Ticketmaster that combats bots and scalpers, helping shows like HAMILTON level the playing field so fans get better access to real tickets.

Producer Seller states, "I am confident that Verified Fan will be a valuable service to our fans.  We know how challenging it is to buy tickets and this new Ticketmaster program will make the process a whole lot easier."

Until then, you may need to splurge to see your favorite artists or sports teams at Little Caesars Arena. 

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