Women wait to be seen without makeup

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London's UK mail asks: How long did it take before you saw your girlfriend without make-up?

 Here's an excerpt:

Sorry to disappoint you chaps, but if one of the things you love most about your new girlfriend is her flawless skin, then you might be in for a surprise.

Because if you've been dating her for less than a month, chances are you've never actually seen her without make-up.

80% of women wait at least that long before letting their new man see them make-up free, a survey found.

And it seems that women will go to extreme lengths to impress with more than a third of women deliberately getting up before their new boyfriend to secretly apply make-up before he wakes up because they do not dare to go bare in the first flushes of love.

 A further 60% of women use a simple trick and don't even take their make-up off when they sleep with a new beau.

The latest findings prove how women are extremely reluctant to let a new man see them without make-up until they have really got to know them.

Almost one in five (17%) wait as long as two months, 16% wait three to six months, 8% keep up the flawless face facade for a whole year and 3 per cent never, ever let their man see them without their slap.

The survey also revealed that 20% of women sneak off to touch up their make-up on the first night they had slept with a new lover.

Almost one in five said they had used the same trick in the first six months of a new relationship.


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