Metro Deroit's FACE Skincare offers non-intrusive answer to cellulite

CEO Holly CaSaroll visits Live in the D to talk summer skin care

Summer time is skin time, and for some that can bring insecurities. 

Fortunately, fixes are available -- and new technology is making those fixes safe, noninvasive and highly satisfying. 

Holly CaSaroll, CEO of FACE Skincare in Bingham Farms, visited Live in the D to talk about two services that eliminate cellulite and smooth skin. 

Cellfina is a nonsurgical procedure that can eliminate cellulite for two years with just one treatment. CaSaroll calls it "breakthrough technology" now available through her company. 

"It's the closest thing to a cure for cellulite we have," she said. 

That can be life changing for some. Eighty-five percent of women have cellulite, CaSaroll told Chuck and Tati, and 87 percent of women say it's their No. 1 insecurity. 

While other, more invasive options are available to address cellulite, CaSaroll said Cellfina is a minor procedure that can be done without missing work, and has a high satisfaction rate even two years later. 

"It's not that intrusive," she said. 

Another procedure available through FACE Skincare is Bellafill for facial acne, scars and folds. You'll see results minutes after the procedure, CaSaroll explained. 

Watch the video above for before and after photos and a deeper explanation of the services. Visit FACE Skincare's website for additional information.