This Dentist Makes House Calls

We hear time and again about how important good dental health is to our overall health but what if you or someone in your life has a difficult time getting to the dentist office? 

Consider calling our friends at Portable Dental Services. 

We were joined by the owner and Dentist, Doctor Louay Mansour and the Manager Kim Carter to talk about what makes their service unique. 

Portable Dental Service provides all aspects of dentistry to home bound patients and people having difficulties getting to the dentist office. 

They can perform dentistry on patients in wheelchairs or in beds. They can do anything a Dentist can do in their office at your home! All you need is a regular electrical outlet and they can do any kind of Dental work for you or a loved one, even X-rays. 

For more information you can visit http://www.portabledentalservices.com or call them at (586)-873-5567