Visit Cuba at this Ann Arbor Restaurant

We Dine in the D at Frita Batidos

Frita Batidos, it's a fun name for a fun place, but what does it mea? What is a frtia and what is a batido?

"So a frita traditionally is a Cuban style burger made with chorizo on a soft egg bun with shoe string fries inside, under the top bun, and baitdos are tropical milk shakes," says Frita Batidos owner, Eve Aronoff Fernandez.

This restaurant has been a dream of her's for quite a while. She actually wanted to open it even before she started her first restaurant, Eve.

"I spent a lot of time throughout my childhood visiting my grandmother in Miami and I just really fell in love with the culture and the ingredients and just the whole spirit," explains Eve. 

The dominos she places on every table is also a part of that happy memory. 

The restaurant's design is very minimalistic with white walls and communal tables. This focuses the attention on their brightly colored food and drinks, and the people you are sharing them with.  

Not only is her food full of color, but it's packed with flavor. Eve combines her fine dining pedigree with her laid back attitude to create the menu full of burgers, small plates and shakes. 

"So it is like the standards and the attention to detail of the very formal places I have worked, and then the anything goes, just super fun environment from selling hot dogs outside of Fenway Park that I did all throughout college," says Eve.

If you would like to try Frita Batidos, they are located at 117 W Washington Street in Ann Arbor. For more information please visit their website here.  


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