ActivMotion Glimpse Bar, invented in Metro Detroit, is a tool for better balance and strength


Derek Mikulski's personal fitness transformation as a New Baltimore teenager has grown into a successful fitness company selling around the world. 

The Metro Detroit inventor and entrepreneur appeared on Live in the D to share his story and demonstrate his company's new product, the ActiveMotion Glimpse Bar, which will be available for sale in 22 countries on June 27.

The new tool is a 4-foot-long hollow bar with balls inside that slide from end to end. The challenge is keeping the balls level as you make different movements, ranging from walking forward to squats and bends. Watch the video to see Mikulski and Live in the D host Tati Amare demonstrate the product. 

"As we kind of increase in age, certain things happen physiologically. Our muscle mass decreases, our metabolism slows down. I wnated to create a product that brought variability and dynamic shifting to our training environment to turn our balance systems," Mikulski said. 


Introducing the product, Mikulski, of New Baltimore, shared how his company started with his own personal fitness transformation. At 19, he decided to get in shape, losing 90 pounds and developing a passion for helping others workout. That led him to invent the ActivMotion Bar, and now the "Glimpse" version.

Mikulski's key to success? 

"Resiliency is the key and passion to help drive that resiliency," he said. "If you're going to start something, make sure you love it."

Watch the video above to see the ActivMotion Glimpse Bar, or visit: www.activmotionbar.com