You can get maternity looks for less at this Royal Oak store

Mommy blogger Milena Meek shows us around Slightly Pregnant


Children are priceless, but let's be real, having them can be an expensive prospect, and the costs start adding up before families even bring home their bundle of joy. It can start with maternity clothes, and there is a store in Royal Oak that is making it possible for moms-to-be to find stylish clothes at some amazing prices. Local mommy blogger Milena Meek showed us around Slightly Pregnant, a consignment store for expectant mothers. 

"There's a lot out there, but it's really hard to find something that you know you're going to love," said Meek when asked about how she finds her maternity clothes. While online stores have expanded people's options, it's hard to know if the clothes are going to fit right and if they will look good when you can't try them on, and that is not even mentioning the price.

"Coming to a place like this is so awesome, that you don't feel guilty about spending a ton of money, but you're also going to look good," said Meek. 

When looking for clothes, Meek recommends looking for side ruching. This allows for a snug fit around your bump with plenty of give as your bump grows.

"Your bump is constantly growing. It's going to be a different shape a different size, even throughout pregnancies," explained Meek.

Meek showed us a couple of looks she styled at the store, some of them were brand new with the tags still on, and others were from the current seasons line. They had everything from a cute outfit to run errands in, to a dress you could wear to a wedding. Prices vary, but are drastically below the standard retail price. She also recommended pairing a new maternity dress with a jacket you already own to get a second new outfit for no extra cost.

Slightly Pregnant is a consignment store, so after you are done wearing your clothes, you can bring them back to the story and possibly make some money off them. 

The store also had Maternity books, videos, and other mom-to-be items. 

'It's a short amount of time, and you want to look your best, so I think this place is awesome," said Meek. 

Slightly Pregnant is located at 32172 Woodward Ave. in Royal Oak. 

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