WW -- Wellness that works

Weight Watchers is now WW and there is more to this name change. The program is still helping people lose weight but now focusing on overall wellness. Our friend Florine Mark, president and CEO of the WW group, joined us in the studio to tell us about the changes at the company. 

Mark says the company is more into health and wellness than worrying about how much weight you're losing. WW still wants to help you lose weight, but also wants you to help improve your overall health. WW now stands for wellness works. Instead of rewarding you for pounds lost, you are going to be rewarded for tracking and eating healthier. Mark says WW wants everybody, whether iyou have weight to lose or not, to come in to learn how to eat healthy and to be happy every day. 

The meetings are now called workshops because each session you will learn something. WW wants to teach people how to change their minds about their eating habits. Mark's advice for those who want to learn more is to join WW for one workshop and see if it works for you. 

To find a WW program near you and start your freestyle lifestyle call 888-3-FLORINE or visit the website https://888-3-florine.com/.