4 Ways to Amp Up Your Frozen Pizza


It's National Pizza Month so we are putting the spotlight on pizza, and today we are tackling frozen pizzas. Each member of our Live in the D team showed us how they like to dress up their frozen pizza. Everyone was given the same base to state, the Kroger Self Rising cheese pizza, and free reign to jazz it up however they wanted. 

Host Jason Carr went first. He likes to start by adding Buscemi's pizza sauce on top of the pizza and then sprinkle some mozzarella on top. Then he tops it with mushrooms and pepperoni. His secret ingredient is a liberal sprinkling of oregano and some garlic powder. 

Host Tati Amare was up next and she kept her pizza simple and salty. She likes to add anchovies and capers to her pizza before popping it in the oven. 

Michelle Oliver, our Dine in the D girl, went next, making her amped up caprese. She first sprinkles some garlic powder, minced onions and oregano all over the pizza. A trick she likes to do is rub the oregano between her hands before adding it to the pizza to "wake it up." Then she puts on freshly diced tomatoes and onions and covers them with some extra cheese (an Italian blend). Michelle also likes to flavor her crust, which she does by rubbing it down with some olive oil and sprinkling on some garlic powder and salt. She pops it in the oven, and just before she pulls it out she adds on some fresh basil.

Live in the D's Kila Peeples said she likes to keep it basic when it comes to her pizza. She likes cheese, cheese and more cheese please. To be more specific she tops hers with an Italian cheese blend, pepper jack cheese, and shredded Parmesan. 

How do you like to jazz up your frozen pizza? Comment below!