Do you know the story behind this popular pizza chain?

When you hear the name "Cottage Inn," your first thought is probably pizza, and you wouldn't be wrong, they serve a ton of pizzas there, but they also serve up so much more. The Original Cottage Inn in Ann Arbor is a full Italian restaurant with pastas, salads, entrees, and of course pizza.

"A lot of people come here daily and go, 'oh my God, I didn't know you had all this!'" said The Original Cottage Inn co-owner, Jim Michos.

This restaurant was started by Michos' father in 1960.

"It was a little coffee place with jukeboxes, and my dad bought it in 1960 when he came from Greece, and then he introduced pizza, and it was probably one of the first pizzas in Ann Arbor, " explained Michos.

Over the years, the business expanded. They started delivery and began franchising.  

As for the name, Michos' dad just kept the name of the original restaurant that was there before him, Cottage Inn. The name suits the homey Italian restaurant, which even has a wall full of memories. 

"Cottage Inn offers a lot of tradition," says Michos, who mentioned that people frequently meet at his restaurant to celebrate important milestones and special events as well as just to hang out. 

 The Original Cottage Inn is located at 512 East Williams Street in Ann Arbor.


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