This new Royal Oak restaurant is a gem!

We Dine in the D at Diamond's Steak and Seafood

The smell of steak grilling, fresh seafood sauteeing, and two giant diamond doornobs will let you know you've arrived at Diamonds Steak and Seafood in Royal Oak. This is the second Diamonds location, with the first one being in Howell.

Diamonds has been in Howell for many years and has garnered quite a reputation for having delicous steaks. When Adam Merkel, the current owner, took it over he wanted to build and expand the brand even more. 

"We figured we'd try and ramp it up a little bit and bring in fresh ingredients, and make things from scratch," said Merkel.

So when Cantina Diablos and Red Fox vacated the corner of 11Mile and Main in Royal Oak, Merkel and his team jumped on the opportunity and opened a second Diamonds Steak and Seafood. 

Though the two restaurants share the same name, they do have some differences. One is in the design of the place. The Royal Oak location is lighter, and more modern, with diamonds sketched on the walls and their alcohol selection on full display. 

They do, however, have very similar menus. Their filet mignon steak tips in a sweet cajun sauce are one of their specialties, and so is there homemade carrotcake, served warm with freshly piped icing. They also serve a large rang of seafood including their wild caught flounder meuniere.

Diamonds Steak is located at 100 S Main St. in Royal Oak.