This legendary restaurant will make your Valentine's Day special!

We Dine in the D at the London Chop House

Not many places in Detroit have a doorman, but the charming doorman that ushers you into the London Chop House sets the tone for the restaurant. Filled with dark woods, rich leather, and Sinatra-esc music the restaurant looks like a place "Don Draper" would go for dinner and cocktails. 

 "It had the Mad Men era feel," explains General Manager Bjorn Lagerfeldt. "where a lot of martinis and smoking was chic back then."

The restaurant opened originally as The London Bar in 1938, and changed its name to The London Chop House a year later. It catered to the car tycoons and the ad-men who wanted their business, as well as other businessmen, and couples who wanted a special night out. Les Gruber, one of the owners, helped make the restaurant the legendary place it is today. 

"Les Gruber was very iconic, he was ahead of his time. He took people over to Europe to learn the culinary and the wine...They had custom made matches for every occasion. There was a card that gave you back the dime for calling to place the reservation."

Sadly the restaurant had to close in the early 90s, but it was restored and opened its doors again in 2012. They wanted to keep the same level of service and dining that made the restaurant famous but update it for modern diners. 

 "Based on the reputation The London Chop House had back in its heyday we had very large shoes to fill," said RJ Scherer, the executive chef. "We needed to create a menu that replicated what people would want as a reminiscent type thing, and we needed to entice modern diners as well."

Nowadays, they are well known for their steaks, but they have a variety of fine dining options. 

"You see all range of emotions when they come down the stairs, they are reliving their past, and it has been an absolute ball to be a part of," said Lagerfeldt.  

The London Chop House is located at 155 W. Congress in Detroit. 

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