Local teen takes stage in front of J-Lo on 'World of Dance'

Lauren Yakima shares her experience ahead of season 3 premiere


What is it like to take the stage and perform for people like Jennifer Lopez, Derrick Hough, and Ne-Yo? Seventeen-year-old Lauren Yakima, from Northville, Michigan knows, and she joined Tati Amare and Kim Digiulio live in the studio to discuss her experience on the show "World of Dance."

"When I watched my video for the first time, I literally started crying in my bed because I was so excited," said Yakima. She said she had never been around judges or producers before, and it felt good to get her name out there. She also talked about how she felt when Lopez said that her performance gave her goosebumps. "It was so weird and so surreal," said Yakima. 

She explained that sometimes she does feel a little pressure being on stage as a solo dancer, but she also likes it because she can stand out. 

Yakima said she has been dancing since she was 2 years old, and she wants to eventually pursue a career as a professional dancer in Los Angeles. Yakima is not the only dancer in her family. She said all of her sisters are dancers too, which inspired her to dance. 

If you want to see more of Yakima's amazing performance tune in Tuesday night to watch "World of Dance" on Local 4.