LSODance teaches dance and educates on Black History

The LaShelle's School of Dance and the LSODance Foundation promote and support the art of dancing education among low-income and at-risk minorities in metro Detroit.

LaShelle's School of Dance (LSODance) presents an annual Black History Month live action show titled "S.H.I.N.E.", Strong Heritage Inspiring a New Era, which teaches African American heritage through dance.

Four LSO dancers joined us in studio with the foundation's creative director, Carollette Phillips, to share their experiences and give a preview of the Harlem Renaissance section of the show.

"S.H.I.N.E is a really fun show," said Phillips. "It features tap, African dance, acrobatics, hip-hop, ballet, modern dance, and more," she continued.

LSODance is located at 21330 Coolidge Hwy. in Oak Park.