Protect your pets and your lawn as temps rise with Premier Pet Supply

Post winter lawn cleanup is key in keeping pets healthy and happy

It's going to be over 60 degrees Thursday, and you and your pets will want to go outside and run around in the yard. But the yard could be an obstacle course after being buried in the snow and ice all winter. Our friends at Premier Pet Supply want to make sure that playtime is safe. Premier Pet Supply owner, Mike Palmer, and Brandon Thorne from the Novi location joined Tati Amare to give pet owners insight on how to protect their furry friends.

Palmer said since the yard is most likely your pet's bathroom, now is the time to go outside and clean it up. After months of ice, snow and cold, there's going to be quite a bit outside so making the cleanup a family chore will help get it done faster. There are many items a pet owner can get to help assist in the cleaning up effort: Pooper scoopers, bags, and bag holders that are attached to leashes help tremendously.

To protect the lawn from urine, there are treats pets can eat that will change the pH and prevent their urine from burning the grass. Also, there are tools that help keep dogs in a certain area when they urinate, such as a pee post that has a pheromone in it that draws dogs to that particular area. Preventing fleas is also something that is important this time of year, and there are various sprays and natural oils that can be put on the lawn and pets to prevent fleas from invading not just your pet's fur, but your entire home.

There are four Premier Pet Supply locations: Beverly Hills, Livonia, Rochester Hills and Novi. Two more locations will be opening very soon in Canton and West Bloomfield.  

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