This place will let you destroy things to take out your frustrations!

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Shatter your frustrations and crush those negative emotions, that's what the Rage Room is all about! It's one of the many activities you can do at the Escape Room Zone in Madison Heights. 

"This facility is a destination for fun, so you can come in and do multiple things that are different to do with your friends other than just sitting at a coffee shop," said Escape Room Zone co-owner Gaz Ismeal.

The Rage Room is one of their most unique, and possibly therapeutic ways to have a good time. Ismeal and his other co-owners were sitting around one day, in the process of building the Escape Room Zone, when they had an idea.

"We actually broke a couple of plates," explained Ismeal. "We were kind of stressed out when we were building the escape rooms and we said, 'wow, this is kind of fun' and we designated an area just for rage. When we did it there was such an adrenaline rush we thought people would like it." 

So they created the Rage Room as part of their adult entertainment destination. How it works is you rent out the room for 20 minutes at a time for $40. You are given an assortment of things you can destroy and safety gear to protect yourself. After picking your own music, you can just destroy the materials they gave you however you see fit. They provide sledgehammers, baseball bats, and crowbars to use. You can always buy more time or more things to destroy if you want to. Items that you can destroy include things like plates, bowls, vases, mirrors, TVs, old computers and more. Up to 2 people can be in the Rage Room at the time.

Besides the Rage Room they also have several Escape rooms, Axe Throwing, and a haunted house in the fall. The whole place is decked out in amazing themed decorations that really help you to escape your problems. 

"The intention of this place was to take you away from reality," said Ismeal. 

Escape Room Zone is located at 31401 John R Road in Madison Heights. You can book a space online.





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