Macarons are popping up everywhere - here are 3 places to try these popular treats

Spring is in the air and what better way to enjoy it than with something brightly colored and sweet like macarons! Now we are talking about macarons, the French pastry made with two meringue-based cookies with typically a buttercream in the middle, not macaroons, the coconut confection (though they are both delicious!). Macarons are popping up in bakeries all over metro Detroit and our Michelle Oliver did a bunch of tasty research and found 3 places that are dishing up some very unique flavors of this delightful treat. Marlin Williams, a technology strategist and a frequent contributor on our What's the Buzz panel, joined Michelle on this foodie adventure. Here is where they went. 



 1) BESA - 600 Woodward Avenue, Detroit 
Try their Caccio e Pepe Macaron 

This is a chic new restaurant in downtown Detroit serving up globally inspired food, including their own very unique take on a macaron. You won't find this treat in their dessert section, however. Instead it is in the appetizer section because it is a savory macaron. Much like the dish it is named after, the caccio e pepe macaron has cracked black pepper in the shell and is filled with parmesan cream. While slightly sweet off the top you are quickly hit with the rich parmesan and then you get a kick of pepper at the end. It is certainly unique and a great one to try if you want to expand your definition of a macaron. 


2) The Blu Kitchen - 965 N Mill Street, Plymouth

Try their Pink Grapefruit, Tangerine Passionfruit Cheesecake, and Boston Cooler Macaron.

This quaint bakery specializes in macarons and has a rotating list of flavors. It is open on Friday and Saturday and by appointment only during the week. She has a variety of Detroit inspired flavors like the Boston Cooler, as well as some classics and some unique flavors. The tangerine passionfruit cheesecake one is a pleasant break from the classically very sweet macaron with the tart tangerine passion fruit jam balancing out the cookie nicely.


3) Le Bon Macaron - 209 S 4th Avenue, Ann Arbor

Try their Blueberry Lavender, Raspberry Crème brûlée, and Mimosa Macaron.

This macaron spot is a great place to spend the afternoon, enjoy a nice cup of coffee and indulge in a variety of macarons. Their list of flavors is long and includes many drink-inspired ones like their mimosa and margarita macarons. They also have a fruit and floral collection that includes their blueberry lavender flavor amongst others. All are gorgeously decorated, a treat for both the eyes and the tastebuds. 


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