Music Monday: Lilly MacPhee dazzles with her song 'Away'

Singer-songwriter is celebrating the release of her EP 'Heartstrings'

Local singer-songwriter, Lilly MacPhee is celebrating the release of her new EP and dazzles us with her song, "Away."

This week's Music Monday features Lilly MacPhee, a local singer-songwriter who is celebrating the recent release of her EP. MacPhee released "Heartstrings" in March. She and her producer played all of the instruments on the album, which was recorded in Ann Arbor. MacPhee starting playing the guitar since she was 11 years old, which is the same time she started writing songs. She has been singing since she was a little girl.

MacPhee gets her inspiration from poetry she reads, as well as the people and places around her.

She travels all over metro Detroit performing her music. She will performing at Palate Bistro in Milford this weekend as part of the restaurant's Kentucky Derby celebration.