Quench your thirst with unique drink from Detroit Bubble Tea in Ferndale

It's refreshing, different and has a yummy treat at the bottom.

April 30 is National Bubble Tea Day. If you haven't heard of bubble tea before, it is the perfect time to try out this refreshing and fun drink. The bubble tea trend started in Taiwan over 30 years ago and has slowly but surely made its way to Michigan. To get a first-hand lesson about this colorful creation, Tati Amare reached out to Alycia Prasard, owner of Detroit Bubble Tea company in Ferndale.

Prasard said she would describe bubble tea to someone who doesn't know what it is as a drink that is like a dessert-like or refreshing and something new and worth trying. It's essentially a slushy, smoothie or an iced tea poured over tapioca pearls, popping pearls or jellies. The little treats then come up the straw with the drink. 

When you stop by Detroit Bubble Tea, there are some steps to follow. First, pick a flavor, like strawberry or taro root. Next, choose the type of drink, like milk tea, slushy or smoothie. Third, pick a topping or treat to go on the bottom of the drink. Most people think that the "bubbles" in bubble tea are the tapioca or popping pearls a the bottom, but that isn't true. The "bubble" part of the tea actually comes from shaking the drink. 

Prasard said once people get past the uniqueness of bubble tea, they fall in love with it because of the different flavor options and choices they can make. She said when people find a certain combo they love, they never leave it.